About En Cocotterie

This is not a food blog.

Well, it’s not your typical food blog.

Here there will be no shot-by-shot recipes brimming with crystal clear photographs, perhaps taken by a professional shutterbug spouse. There will be no cookbook-worthy testing. There will be no aggressive reservation hunting or restaurant reviews. There will be no giveaways. I do not have that level of my shit together. I am not in the business of empire building.

This is a food blog in the barest sense – it is about food.

It is about a person (me) who loves food, who loves eating it and cooking it and talking about it. It is here because I have another blog where I can talk about other things, and because, when I did talk about food over there, I found that I was creating a slippery slope for myself. Weeks would go by where all I wanted to talk about was food, and this would have been fine, except I built my following on dick and fart jokes, goddammit, and my readers want it to stay that way.

With En Cocotterie (my hybridization of en cocotte and coterie, see what I did there), I’ve given myself a place to discuss one of my most favorite topics. I can talk about food in my own way, take photos when I remember and not have to apologize when I don’t. So if you’re looking for yet another overachieving food blog, one authored by someone who is (probably) a stay-at-home mom, wife, or other woman of significant means with significant amounts of time and Photoshop training, then by all means, cruise on by.

But if you find this by accident and are interested in becoming part of the conversation – part of a coterie, if you will – then you are more than welcome.

Bring snacks.